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In June of 2013 we launched STUPEFYING STORIES SHOWCASE, the free webzine companion to the rest of the STUPEFYING STORIES line. If you’re looking for editorials, reviews, progress reports, book release announcements, insider information, previews of coming attractions, and best of all, lots of great free stories, SHOWCASE is the place to be.

In the months since the initial launch, SHOWCASE has continued to evolve in fits and starts, as we continue to experiment with the format and features. At present we’re working on a top-to-bottom redesign of the entire site, to bring the look into the current decade, make it work better on tablets and mobile devices, and increase the level of reader interactivity, especially for those readers who are not on facebook. Unfortunately this site redesign was not finished when the 2014 Campbellian Anthology kaiju made landfall, so we’re now hoping to have it finished and ready to roll-out by the end of February.

The best way to learn more about SHOWCASE is by beginning on the front page of the latest issue and exploring the site. Once you get past the clunky 1990s look of the thing, you won’t be disappointed!



Attention Writers: Do you want to write for SHOWCASE?

SHOWCASE shares the same submissions address, reading queue, editorial team, payment rates, and general submissions guidelines as STUPEFYING STORIES, and we’re always looking for fresh talent and great ideas for new features. To submit fiction for SHOWCASE, send it to the STUPEFYING STORIES fiction submissions address. (But please, read our submission guidelines first.)

If you have a great idea for a non-fiction feature or article, we’d love to hear about it—but please, send a query to the publisher first.


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