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First launched in the summer of 2010, STUPEFYING STORIES set out to be the direct-to-eBook anthology series that would “shatter the genre barriers,” but ended up evolving into a fairly straightforward science fiction and fantasy magazine. STUPEFYING STORIES has had its ups and downs, and due to external factors was on hiatus for most of 2013, but returns to a regular release schedule beginning in February 2014.

While not a self-consciously “retro” magazine, STUPEFYING STORIES seeks to recapture the pure excitement of the classic pulps by publishing entertaining stories with strong plots and engaging characters. As one reviewer put it:

“You can’t beat SS for old-time SF and Fantasy. All the stories here are clever, lean, and story-driven. Don’t come here if you’re looking for angsty anti heroes pondering mysteries of the universe.”

For more information about STUPEFYING STORIES, including submission guidelines and editorial requirements, see the StupefyingStories.com web site. For a complete list of released issues, including the history that explains why the magazine has had such a rocky life, see the Rampant Loon Press Catalog on the Stupefying Stories SHOWCASE web site. To go spelunking through the mind of award-winning writer and STUPEFYING STORIES editor Bruce Bethke, read the interviews with him on Wag the Fox, Six Questions For, or Strange Horizons.

STUPEFYING STORIES is also on facebook, at facebook.com/StupefyingStories.


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